Direct DC Connection Wire for Proxicast LAN-Cell & Cell-PAK


6 ft. cord with molded 2.1 mm power connector. The other ends of wires are stripped and tinned for direct connection to 12VDC power sources such as solar cells, batteries or generators. White striped wire is center pin (+ positive 12 VDC). 

When connecting the LAN-Cell directly to a vehicle's power system, Proxicast recommends using an isolated power conditioner such as the interVOLT SPCI-121207 to protect the LAN-Cell from damage caused by power fluxuations or ground faults.

This power cord is compatible with the Proxicast LAN-Cell 3, LAN-Cell 2 cellular routers, the Cell-PAK Portable 3G WiFi HotSpot and the original Proxicast LAN-Cell Mobile Gateways.


Part #: PWR-100-WDC