Extension Cable (Select Length): N Male to N Male


Coaxial extension cable made of low loss LMR195 (RG58), LMR240 (RG8X) or LMR400(RG8) coax cable (select length).  This cable is compatible with the Proxicast LAN-Cell and PocketPORT 3G/4G cellular router. Use to connect between lightning suppressor and antennas with "N" male connectors.


Length: Select desired length above
Connector 1: N inline plug (male)
Connector 2: N inline plug (male)
Coax: Low-loss LMR195 (RG58) @ 10ft. LMR240 (RG8X) @ 25 ft, LMR 400 (RG8) @ 50 ft
Impedance: 50 ohm


Note: All outdoor coax connections should be weather-proofed to minimize damage caused by moisture in the connectors or cabling.  Use our Self-Bonding silicone tape (ANT-900-002) for fast and easy connection sealing.

Antennas and cable assemblies are not returnable unless defective.

Part #: ANT-180-001