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Proxicast Modem-SAFE Mounting Base For LAN-Cell 3 3G/4G Router

Modem-SAFE Mounting Base for the LAN-Cell 3

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Modem-SAFE mounting base for the Proxicast LAN-Cell 3 cellular 3G/4G router.  The Mode-SAFE base is included with all LAN-Cell 3 routers shipped after February 1, 2013.  This kit is for retro-fitting earlier LAN-Cell 3 routers or replacing a defective Modem-SAFE base.


The LAN-Cell 3’s patent-pending Modem-SAFE system is a mechanism for securing a USB modem to prevent it from being removed or coming loose in mobile applications.  The slotted mounting plate and Velcro strip design allows for infinite flexibility in mounting a wide variety of USB modems. The Modem-SAFE base stows the USB modem under the LAN-Cell 3 for greater protection and a smaller overall device footprint.

The LAN-Cell 3’s Multi-Function Modem-SAFE Mounting Base provides:

  • Wall and deck mounting options
  • Multiple external antenna mounting and cable tie-down points
  • Power switch & button protectors
  • Modem-SAFE™ USB modem mounting system


The LAN-Cell 3 Modem-SAFE Base Kit includes:

  • Modem-SAFE Base
  • Slotted Modem Mounting Plate
  • Power & Reset Switch Protectors
  • Right-Angle USB Cable Adapter
  • Velcro Retaining Straps
  • Assembly & Mounting Screws

LAN-Cell 3 router, modems, antennas, and pigtails are sold separately.


Assembling the Modem-SAFE Base

Modem-SAFE Mounting Template


Note: At this time, the Novatel USB551L, MC679 and MC545 modems are known to be incompatible with the Modem-SAFE base due to the design of their USB connector and its limited operating angle.


Part #: PRX-LC3-SafeBase