AT&T 3G/4G LTE Cellular Data Service For Modems & Routers

AT&T 3G/4G LTE Cellular Data Service For Modems & Routers

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Proxicast offers easy-to-use enhanced AT&T Wireless 3G/4G LTE cellular data service for your modem, router, M2M system or other cellular device.


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 AT&T Coverage Map


Popular AT&T 3G/4G LTE Cellular Data Applicatications

Automotive Passenger vehicle anti-theft/recovery, monitoring/ maintenance, safety/control, entertainment.
Transportation Fleet management, trucking, courier, asset tracking, telematics, manufacturing, logistics.
Utilities/Energy Smart grid, meter reading, M2M, electric/power line, gas/oil pipelines and water tank monitoring.
Security Commercial and home, fire, police, medical alert, surveillance and burglar alarm monitoring
Financial/Retail Point of sale, ATM, kiosk, vending, lottery, digital signage and handheld terminals.
Health Care Medical monitoring, remote diagnostics, medication reminders and tele-medicine.
Public Safety Highway, bridge, traffic management, homeland security, police, fire and emergency service