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Proxicast Pigtail - External Antenna Adapter Cable for Option GlobeTrotter GT Max 3.6 & GT Max 7.2 (SMA-Female)

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This SMA-Female external antenna adapter cable connects from the side external antenna jack on the Option GlobeTrotter GTMax 3.6 & GTMax 7.2 to the Card-Guard's SMA bulkhead hole to provide an attachment point for external cellular antennas. Proxicast "Card-Guard" Pigtails are specifically designed and approved for use with the Proxicast LAN-Cell 2 3G/4G cellular router, but these top quality external antenna adapter cables will work with any cellular "pigtail" application that requires this special cellular antenna connector.


Length: 6 inches
Connector 1: Option GlobeTrotter GTMax 3.6 & GTMax 7.2 (MC-Card Type)
Connector 2: SMA-Female (bulkhead jack)
Coax: Low-loss RG178
3G/4G mobile router compatible - Approved for Proxicast LAN-Cell 2 3G/4G router
Compatible with all Option GlobeTrotter, GT Max, GT Ultra, GT Ultra 3G cellular modem cards
Option cards are popular with GSM carriers such AT&T, Vodafone, 02, Orange, Telestra, etc...



Part #: ANT-100-MC