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interVOLT 24VDC to 12VDC Isolated Switchmode Voltage Converter

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If you are powering the LAN-Cell 3G/4G Cellular Router from a 17V to 33V direct DC power source (such as a control panel, vehicle or generator), the interVOLT SVCi-241208 is the perfect companion product to ensure that the LAN-Cell receives clean, stable power.


The SVCi-241208 provides step-down voltage conversion to the LAN-Cell's 12 VDC range and is specifically designed to address the many issues associated with DC power sources including voltage surges, transients, noise, spikes, shorts, over-loads, high-temperatures, etc. The SVCi-241208 is a converter, stabilizer, isolator and regulator all built into a single package. It provides galvanic isolation (input to output) and is designed to protect the LAN-Cell's circuitry from damage due to power quality problems.


Innovative features. Rugged design. Simple installation. Peace-of-Mind.


(Also available in a non step-down model for DC input sources between 10 VDC & 16 VDC.  See PWR-SPCi-121207)

Part Number: PWR-SVCi-241208

Specification Sheet

Installation Manual

Input Voltage Range 17 – 33VDC
Output Voltage – Low Setting 12.5 VDC nominal
Output Voltage – High Setting 13.6 VDC nominal
Length Overall 170mm (6.690”)
Width Overall 80mm (3.150”)
Height Overall 40mm (1.575”)
Continuous Load Rating @ 30°C (80°F) 8 Amps @ 13.6VDC
Peak Load Rating @ 30°C (80°F)* 12 Amps @ 13.6VDC
Standby Current Draw <20mA
Power Conversion Efficiency @ 30°C (80°F) Typically 93%
Output Ripple Less than 20mV Peak to Peak
Operating Temperature -25°C to + 45°C
Operating Humidity Ideally less than 90%
Enclosure Material Marine grade aluminium dye anodised
End Cap Material Injection moulded electrical grade ABS/PC plastic
Terminal Cover Material Extruded temperature resistant ABS
Diagnostic Indicator Tri-colour LED – monitoring input voltage, overload, short circuit and temperature.
Transient Voltage Protection Filtering – Purpose designed circuit
Overload/Short Circuit Protection Shutdown – Current sensing circuit (automatic reset)
Input Under Voltage Protection Shutdown – Voltage sensing circuit (automatic reset)
Over Temperature Protection Shutdown – Temperature sensing circuit (automatic reset)
Output Over Voltage Protection Internal Fuse – Latching Zener circuit (not user serviceable)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection Internal Fuse – Diode bypass circuit (not user serviceable)
Termination Power – 6-32 UNC H/D screw terminal
Conformity Australian AS/NZS CISPR 11. European EN55011. International CISPR11 and IEC61204-3.
Certification EMC – Australian C Tick mark & European CE mark